Icebound in the Arctic

Captain Francis Crozier
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The Mystery of Captain Francis Crozier and the Franklin Expedition

The book is a significantly updated and expanded version of my earlier biography of Crozier, Last Man Standing which takes account the important new developments leading to the recent discovery of the expedition ships, Erebus and Terror above the Arctic Circle. The extended new edition deals with dramatic events spread over the 170 years since the expedition disappeared in the Arctic ice and what marine archaeologists may recover from the sunken vessels. The book also includes some rare and previously unseen photographs.

It is a wonderful story and provides a welcome opportunity to throw the spotlight on the extraordinary life of Francis Crozier. Irishman Crozier is a much undervalued explorer, who sailed on six expeditions and was engaged in the three great quests of 19th century maritime exploration – finding the North West Passage, reaching the North Pole and mapping the unknown Antarctic continent.